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Our vision on leads and communication

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Social Media marketing & communication platform

Our vision

Supported structures


Employees in the company work together in a centrally coordinated manner
Implementation company

Online marketing company

Online marketing company offers social media services to its customers whether cooperatively or not.
Implementation online marketing company

Group of companies

A company with several branches or departments, the employees involved in social media work together in a centrally coordinated manner
Implementation companies


Large organisation with multiple activities, branches, departments work together in a centrally coordinates manner in the field of social media
Implementation organisations

Six reasons to choose our platform

Reason 1

Planning and posting to 12 social media channels. Easy to use. Saves time and money.

Reason 2

All communication and meta data on 1 screen. E-mail, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Instagram, Google Business,... + client file.

Reason 3

Communicate via your screen with all communication channels.

Reason 4

Use of integrated lead generation tools.

Reason 5

Enhance the reach of your posts by using influencers and measure the impact.

Reason 6

Reporting analytics & quality of provided services. To measure is to know!

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